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Activities and Athletics!


MONDAY, MARCH 9 - High School Softball, Track & Field

MONDAY, MARCH 16 - High School Boys/Girls Golf, Baseball


TUESDAY, MARCH 24 - Middle School Track & Field

MONDAY, MARCH 30 - Middle School Baseball, Boys/Girls Golf, and Softball 


A reminder a current physical must be on file to practice.  Physicals are good for 3 years.  

Please call and check on the physical date if there is a question.

If you have already registered for a fall or winter sport and did not add spring sports, PLEASE

call me to add them.  DO NOT complete another registration.


Notify me is once again available to sign up for on the activity page, under quicklinks then activity calendar. 
It is located under the calendar on the right side of the page. 
This allows you to receive an email or text message of any changes to the schedules that are made due to weather or some other reasons such as time & location changes or cancellations. 
This feature is cleared at the start of the new school year so you must sign up each year.
Home Sporting Events
All Little Falls students / MOL students will be admitted to all home regular season sports free of charge.  Please show school ID.
Elementary (K-5) students will recieve free admission but should be accompanied by parents or a chaperone.
Preschool students will be admitted free with adult ticket or activity pass.
Home school kids will be admitted free of charge if they take a class or are in an activity or sport.
Couple passes, adult passes, and senior passes will be available to purchase.
Students will be charged admission for Fine Arts Events.
Kevin Jordan – Activities Director
1001 5th Ave SE
Little Falls, MN 56345
Our Mission:  Providing Opportunities To  Excel For Life                                                                                                                   
We believe that:
  1.  Participating in high school activities develops a positive attitude, good citizenship, sportsmanship, and a competitive spirit.
  2.  Participants develop positive relationships with teammates, opponents, and coaches.
  3.  Student activities provide a program whereby the safety and welfare of the participants shall, at all times, be paramount to the outcome of the contest.
  4.  Participants learn the value of teamwork.
  5.  Student activities provide lifelong learning opportunities.
  6.  Students enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well being through participation.
  7.  Conference membership will allow our students an opportunity for success.
  8.  Student activities will provide equal opportunities for all students.
  9.  The school will strive to provide quality facilities for all activities.
  10.  Successes and failures that come through participation enhance one’s character.